Youth and Children's Work

 Youth and Children Ministry Group

Diana Faunce, Jackie Peterson, Dib Gilbertson, Sarah Richardson

The Key tasks are to

• co-ordinate and oversee the work with children and young people including Little Fishes, Play and Praise, School Club, craft workshops
• explore and develop new areas of ministry with children and young people
• encourage ongoing training in children and youth work
• recommend to the PCC names of those who would be suitable and willing to lead children and young people’s groups
• agree the helpers in the children and young people’s groups
• agree and to record any off-site activities.

Little Fishes - Parent and Toddler Group

This is a weekly gathering for parents/carers and their babies and small children.
They meet from 10 - 11.30 am on Monday mornings in the parish hall library. We sing, we play, we chat, we enjoy each other’s company and we always end with our ‘Little Fishes’ prayer. There is a small charge of £2.50 to cover coffee, drinks and biscuits.

Play and Praise - for Pre-Schoolers and their Carers

A fun and interactive session to help introduce very young children to Jesus.
Activities, music, stories, drinks and biscuits - mainly for 3 to 5 year olds, but younger children are very welcome too!

Sessions are held in St Mark’s Church – please use the main church door.

Held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month in term time starting promptly at 2pm and last no longer than 45 minutes.
Please feel welcome to call Diana Faunce on 01425 547452 if you would like to know more.

Church Club

Half an hour of Praise, Prayers, Stories and Activities is regularly shared with the children at St. Mark’s Primary School, Highcliffe. The name “Church Club” was given by the children. 

The sessions are led by various members of both St. Mark’s and St. Michael’s Church Hinton Admiral and take place during free time, after lunch. A team of seven continues to take Church Club every Wednesday lunchtime during Winter, Spring and the first half of the Summer term. The number of children attending remains between 12 and 25.

The activities which last half an hour include prayers, a bible story, colouring, singing or craft depending on the time available. We expect a new helper to join us in the near future.

Church Club is fun and lively, and brings living knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ to youngsters.

Open The Book

“Open The Book” is part of the ministry of The Bible Society. It began for us by invitation on September 12th 2017 at St Marks Primary School, Highcliffe and we have now completed a whole school year. The stories, taken mostly from “ The Lion Storyteller Bible” are presented once a week as part of the scheduled School assembly for those years chosen by the school.

Members are: Mike Goodman, Susie Goodman (Team Leaders), Alison Hedger, Doreen Pettengell, Lynn Athorn, Lorna Holdsworth and Jill Bonnett.

There are inter-faith opportunities in the material which presents Biblical characters and narratives in such a way that can be understood by Primary school age children. Each story ends with a summary, a reflective pause followed by a prayer that the children are invited to make their own. Although the material is carefully scripted, the way in which it is presented to the children is left very much up to the availability and talents of the team members so a story may be presented using screen images, puppets, mime or with music or a combination of the above styles.

Both teachers and children look forward to our efforts on a Tuesday morning. Recently the assembly was joined by the reception class bringing the number of children who are hearing a bible story every week up to over 200.

If you would like to be part of the Open the Book Team we would love to hear from you. No particular skills are required apart from a willingness to work with young children and present Bible stories in an attractive and entertaining way. Please give me a ring for more details. Mike Goodman. Team leader: Tel 07795967484 or e mail:

Awesome After School Church Club

Monday after school in term time. The team team have continued to provide an hour of refreshments, Bible stories and activities for year 3 and 4.

They have worked through the “Awesome” Scripture Union materials, based on Jesus’ miracles as chronicled in St John’s Gospel and have begun on “High Five”, another programme of sessions from Scripture Union, based on Jesus’ life in St Marks Gospel. They are enjoyed by the children. They have a slight change as one child has left, but another joined.

Rainbow Playgroup 

One of the team visits Rainbow Playgroup approximately twice a month in term time at their Story time. She uses props to read and tell stories and through the story telling and reading, help the children to learn about JesusThere are children’s workshops on the Saturdays preceding Easter and Harvest when the children prepare seasonal items appropriate to the occasion. 

Seasonal Events.

At Christmas an annual Christingle service is held early in December (see Calendar for dates each year.) The children also help to decorate the church Christmas Tree in a Christmas workshop and a children’s crib service is held at 5.00pm on Christmas Eve.


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