A wedding at St Mark's

Banns of Marriage are a legal requirement for those to be married in church. If you live in the parish and are getting married at St Mark’s or at another church you will need to arrange these well in advance of the big day. For further information contact the Parish Office via email at or by phone message on 01425 277614.

What you will need.

One of the couple needs to be a member of the Church of England and should live in the parish where the couple want to be married. This can be discussed with the vicar. The usual proof of your name, age, marital status, address, occupation and nationality is required.
The following Church of England website gives helpful information: 

Being divorced will not automatically be a bar to a church wedding. Please have a talk with Rev Gill about this.

Publication of banns.
The banns are read aloud in the church on three successive Sundays before the wedding and, if the couple live in different parishes, the banns must be read in both. You need to be resident in the parish for seven nights before the first Sunday of reading the banns right through to the last Sunday (a minimum of 22 nights) and the wedding must take place within three months of the banns being read.

The banns were originally a means of publicising the wedding to make sure no one had any objections, so if you are known by any name other than the one on your birth certificate you should give that one as well.

Marriage provisions of the Immigration Act 2014 is now in force.
Please see

If you would like to discuss any of these significant life events, please contact the parish administrator via the parish office.

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