The Team

The Ministry Team

Revd Gill Nobes - Priest in Charge
John Heighes - LLM
Colin Chatten - LLM
Maureen Stringer - LLW
Revd Terry Pinner - Retired Priest
Revd Angela Gosden - Retired Priest
Revd Roy Matthews - Retired Priest
Revd Darrol Reagon – Retired Priest
Francis Bray - BCM Pastoral
Liz Morton - BCM Pastoral
Sandra Matthews - BCM Pastoral
Mike Goodman - Breakfast@9 worship team
Diana Faunce - Breakfast@9 worship team
Susie Goodman - Breakfast@9 worship team

Parish Administrator
        Lorna Prout

Ministry Group Chairs

Maureen Stringer -Teaching and outreach
Liz Morton – Pastoral
Francis Bray – Finance and Fabric
Bob Gilbertson – Charitable Support
Diana Faunce – Youth and Children

                               Colin Chatten                                                                        John Heighes

                                  Revd Roy Matthews                                                          Revd Darrol Reagon

                              Revd Angela Gosden                                                           Revd Terry Pinner

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