St Mark's Choir


It is a friendly group of men and women who enjoy singing and always welcomes new members.

We sing a wide range of music from ancient to modern and take part in other events on occasions; the choir has memorably sung at Evensong in Winchester cathedral.

 Singing from the Heart by a member of the choir.

One of the many frustrations of recent times has been that, even after the post-Easter relaxations of the covid regulations, our village Choir has been able to sing only at half-strength (in numbers – not, we hope, in quality) for Sunday services, so that the divided choir sings alternate hymns. We are, however, much better off than the rest of the congregation, who haven’t been allowed to sing at all, and we know how much many people have missed the opportunity to sing. In confidence that better times will come, we would like to invite anyone who might be interested in joining us to come along to one of our practices, which are on Thursday evenings and last for 1½ hours (7.00 to 8.30).

The Choir sings for the 10 o’clock service on Sunday mornings. Might you, or someone whom you know, be interested?

The Choir’s motto is:

“Singing is one of the essential ministries of the Church.
It doesn’t have to be complicated –
but it does need to be from the heart!”

We, therefore, do our best, without taking anything too seriously, and having a lot of fun along the way. We are not all musicians or experienced singers, and we can’t all read complicated music; but we have enough who are, and they nurture and lead the rest of us in the right direction. If it all gets too complicated for you to sing your part, sing the tune (which is what I do). All that is needed is a willingness to contribute to the services and a pleasure in making music with others. The repertoire is varied, singable, and never dull or dry, and some of it is specially composed for us.

Andrew Taylor
Tenor (or tune)

The choir motto hanging in the choir vestry


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