Climate Change

 This year, every moment matters and every action counts.

2021 is crucial in the fight for climate justice. As the world rightly focused on coronavirus last year, some important climate milestones were missed or delayed. But the climate crisis is not on pause. For millions of our friends around the world, the pandemic arrived on top of existing crises brought on by the changing climate.

This year we have some important opportunities to make progress. On the global stage, 2021 is the biggest opportunity the UK climate movement has ever had to shape climate ambition. This summer, the UK is hosting the G7 meeting, and in November we will host COP26, the crucial UN climate change talks that must put us on track to meet the commitments made in Paris 5 years ago.

At home, the decisions that the UK government is taking right now to deal with the social and economic impacts of the pandemic could help us to tackle the climate crisis too. But only if we use this moment to invest in a green and just recovery – and a global recovery that includes the world’s poorest communities and leaves no one behind.

Please sign our petition now to make sure that the Prime Minister knows that this year, every moment matters and every action counts.

Sign the petition now

There will be plenty of moments to make your actions count this year. We’ll be praying and acting for climate justice throughout the year and we hope you’ll join us.

Join the prayer chain for climate justice and help us fill every day ahead of COP26 with prayer for a better world.
• Ask your friends and family to sign the petition.
• Get ready to be part of the biggest year yet for climate action at these key moments:
     o G7 meeting of world leaders in the UK 11 - 13 June
     o Plan for a climate-themed Sunday during Harvest
     o COP26 UN climate talks in Glasgow 1 – 12 November
• Join our Solidarity Sessions to get all the skills you need to raise your campaigning game.

These actions are still taking shape, but we’ll keep you posted on how to get involved.

With best wishes and hope for a better 2021.

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