Mothers' Union


The Mothers’ Union at St Mark’s Church

The Mothers’ Union meets in The Library on the 3rd Thursday of the month except during August, with a Corporate Communion on the 4th Tuesday of the month. Membership is open to all women and men who are baptised and supportive of the MU’s aims and objective. Our monthly activities vary, sometimes with a speaker, sometimes holding a discussion or preparing for a Parish Event. In November we observe the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence and join with the ladies at The Highcliffe Methodist Church to take part in this in their prominent position in the High Street.

We also join in Diocesan and Deanery events. At St Mark’s we support the Baptisms by attending the service and presenting the child with a book of prayers or bible stories, and cards are sent on the Anniversary of the baptism up to the 5th Year. Members are individually involved with the life of the Parish. We are a vibrant, modern group and our main fundraising event is for the Diocesan Away from it All Holiday.

The MU funds many projects in this country and worldwide which helps people to enrich their lives including improved health education, literacy, numeracy, parenting, mother and toddler and other support groups, promoting Christian family life and much more. The MU is Worldwide with a fellowship of 4 million members in 83 countries.

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