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2019 LENT STUDY                                                      

 The Church of England has produced a Lent course of daily readings and reflections. It is based on the Sermon on the Mount and is available in book and online formats.

LENT Booklet and Links:
Last year Maureen bought 20 copies of the Lent booklet and they were very popular. This year the booklet is called Lent Pilgrim and the daily reflections are based on The Beatitudes. If you would like a copy, please let Maureen know – they are £2.50 each.

Other materials are available from: -

We will again run two different Lent study groups, one on Tuesday evenings, commencing on 12th March at 7.00 p.m., led by Gill and Maureen, with the other on Wednesday mornings commencing on 13th March at 10.00 a.m., led by Colin or John.

The Tuesday evening group will meet in the Church and the Wednesday morning group in theVestibule.

The Tuesday Evening Lent Group.
Lent is a time when we draw closer to the Lord, when we journey with Him towards Easter. The Tuesday evening Lent course will enable us to be with the Lord through the eyes and experiences of different Christian traditions as we explore their ways of praying; their ways of ‘being present to the presence of God’. Prayer is being with God, being in conversation with God, both listening and talking. Throughout the centuries Christians have explored ways of being with God, ways of drawing closer to God, ways of prayer - during Lent 2019 we will take time with some of these different traditions and have the opportunity to try them for ourselves. There will be ideas, handouts and practical activities.

We will meet in the Church at 7pm and finish by 8.30pm on Tuesdays 12th, 19th and 26thof March and 8th of April. Revd Gill and Maureen will lead these sessions:

12th March: The Benedictines and Modern Monasticism. Beginning with the early Monastic communities and their approach to praying with the Bible, we will look at the development of modern monastic communities and their rhythm of life.

19th March The Orthodox way. In the West we have somehow lost the ability to appreciate our artistic and creative gifts. We will explore the use of Icons in prayer and try our own creative approaches to prayer.

26th March Ignatian prayer. Ignatian prayer is reflective and approaches the Gospel through the imagination. Ignatius encouraged his followers to see God in all things and this is the focus of his end-of-day prayer.

9th April Liturgical. We are familiar with said liturgical prayer but not so much with sung prayer - Chants, Taize – and with some modern twists.

In a sense we are adding ‘tools’ to our tool-bag of prayer so that when prayer begins to feel dry or we want a change we will have ‘new tools’, different ways of spending time with the Lord.
Gill and Maureen

The Wednesday Morning Lent Group.
The York Courses discussion course for this Lent, entitled “Daring to see God now”, is introduced in their leaflet as follows: -

“Mark’s Gospel begins with Jesus proclaiming the good news of God. But what is this good news and who is it for? Taking Mark 1: 14 – 15 as a starting point, this course raises important questions about change, repentance and how we can become in ourselves, living evidence of the good news. Examples are taken from the rest of Mark’s Gospel as well as contemporary and historic Christians”

The course is written by Bishop Nick Baines, Bishop of Leeds and the contributors to the audio material are Keith Ward, theologian, Anglican priest and author; Rachel Lampard who was Vice-President of the Methodist Conference (2016 -17); Cathy Galvin, Roman Catholic journalist and poet and Bishop David Wilbourne, who before his retirement, was Assistant Bishop of Llandaff.

We will meet in the west end Vestibule at 10.00a.m. each Wednesday and will finish by 11.30. The five sessions, together with the suggested pre-session readings are:-

13th. March. The Good News of God. Romans 5: 6 – 9.
20th. March. The Time is Now. Luke 11: 1 – 4.
27th. March. God is Present. Mark 10: 46 - 52
3rd. April. Change Your Mind. Luke 5: 27 – 32.
10th. April Live It. 1 John 4: 17 – 21.

As well as giving up something for Lent if you feel that Lent is also a time to take on something extra, then how about one of our study groups, to take part in the discussion or just to sit and listen.
John Heighes

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