Kinkiizi report May 2023

We are delighted to say that the menstrual kits which have been tucked away in our cupboards have now been delivered to Gill Tybjerg to take to Kinkiizi. We made 40 Kits for the school girls and 10 larger packs for the new Mums at the Clinic. Gill is away from 26th April to 11th May. Please hold her in your prayers. 

Christine Clode 

Kinkiizi report March 2023

I’ve recently received some more photos from Kinkiizi showing the retaining wall against flood damage being constructed.. I thought you might like to update your congregation with the latest news! The folk in Kinkiizi have started the work in faith they will be able to fund the completion at some point.. I have told them we have an appeal to help. Its getting urgent as the next rainy season is upon them

Flood mitigation works at Christchurch House.

Work has started on the retaining wall for the Medical Staff House in Kinkiizi! The hope is to get someway towards finishing before the next rainy season starts very soon. The appeal is making progress towards the target, but there’s still time to donate if you can. Large or small, your gift will make an enormous difference. Thank you for your support.


Praying for our links with Kinkiizi, Uganda.

Thy Kingdom Come Prayer

Almighty God, your ascended Son has sent us into the world to preach the good news of your kingdom:
inspire us with your Spirit and fill our hearts with the fire of your love, that all who hear your Word may be drawn to you, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Kinkiizi report for PCCs November 2022

Parts of Uganda are currently suffering a serious Ebola outbreak, which because it’s the Sudan strain can’t yet be contained with a vaccine. There is some hope trial vaccine candidates will work; they will be used as soon as enough can be produced and delivered. Kinkiizi Diocese is not affected at the moment and we pray this remains the case. 

It’s now the rainy season, which this year has seen very heavy rainfall and flooding. Kinkiizi gets a lot of rain as it’s a mountainous area and its infrastructure is often severely affected by  weather conditions; roads are often impassable.  Christchurch House (Health Centre staff accommodation) is also being affected, with the worry that flooding will make the foundations unstable. It's essential a retaining wall is built as support  and funds are now required urgently for this project.

Recent news from the Health Centre shows the Ultrasound clinic continues to be busy. Together with other services the Centre is  treating about 400 patients a month. Their ambition for 2023 is to bring the operating theatre at the new Maternity wing into use, but it needs more equipment to begin functioning. Again, more funds are being requested.

November is a time for confirmations in Kinkiizi and Bishop Dan is busy visiting many of the churches for large celebratory services. Local folk cut down banana tree branches and line them along the road leading to the church.

There is always a big meal afterwards and lots of singing and dancing!

Prayer points – (Our friends in Kinkiizi really value our prayers)
·      The Ebola situation is brought under control and eradicated
·      Funding is forthcoming for the retaining wall at Christchurch House
·      Health Centre Maternity wing and theatre and the need for more equipment
·      Bishop Dan and all the Confirmation candidates

Gill Tybjerg (KAG chair)