Daily Prayer Intentions

Prayer Intentions for February 2020

1st     People and events in the news today; for God’s Kingdom to come, for peace on earth.
2nd   Today we remember the visit of the baby Jesus to the Temple and the rejoicing of those who were waiting for a Messiah; help us to wait faithfully for His return.
3rd    Little Fishes – for God’s blessing on the children attending today, their parents/carers and the leaders
4th    Those involved with the daily running of the Church and in particular the installation of the new heating system.
5th    Neighbours and those we meet today that we will show the Love of the Lord to them.
6th    Government and all in positions of leadership for integrity and justice in
their decision making.
7th    Coast Guard, Fire and Ambulance Services and all rescue service personnel.
8th    Our Church School Club Wednesday lunch times and the Awesome After School Club on Mondays.
9th    The Lord’s blessing on Christians meeting around the world today.
10th  Christians who face persecution, imprisonment or injustice because of their faith.
11th  The Open the Book team sharing the Good News in Highcliffe St Mark.
12th  Police and security services and all who work to keep the country safe.
13th  Food bank and people in need; families struggling to make ends meet.
14th  Young People especially those caught up in gangs and knife crime.
15th  Local government officials and all who make decisions about our community.
16th  Christians meeting in different churches in Highcliffe today.
17th Teachers and pupils at Highcliffe St Mark and the High School.
18th  A world where we see evidence of justice, good government and peace .
19th  Those who have lost loved ones; comfort for those who are struggling with grief.
20th  Community groups in Highcliffe; Greystones, Support Groups, Friends in Need.
21st  The Communion service today and the support group which follows.
22nd  Street Pastors and all who work with people who live on the streets.
23rd  St Mark’s, the Church Wardens and all involved in the appointment of our new Vicar.
24th  Medical Centre giving thanks for all who work there and the care it provides
25th  The environment, that we would be good stewards of the resources we have.
26th  Ash Wednesday – praying for our Lent courses starting next week.
27th  Those who are unwell and give thanks for all who care for others in whatever way.
28th  The thousands of people displaced due to wars and natural disasters.
29th  All who support the work and ministry of St Mark’s in whatever way. 


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