Daily Prayer Intentions

Prayer Intentions for St Marks April 2019

Thought for The Day: God puts each fresh morning, each new chance of life into our hands as a gift…………..to see what we will do with it.

1st.   Little Fishes Mother and Toddler Group meets today in the hall.
2nd   Thank God for the Open The Book Team reading Bible stories at our local Primary School.
3rd   Pray for the Church Club today at the Primary School.
4th   Thank God for all those involved in music and leading worship at St Marks.
5th   Remember the valuable work of our Parish Support Group meeting today.
6th    For those we love who are ill at home or in hospital.
7th    Sunday: May all our Services be an acceptable sacrifice of praise and worship to You O Lord.
8th   As Easter holidays begin for some today – Pray for families in our parish.
9th   As Lent groups come to a conclusion – pray that all who attend may grow in Faith and Love.
10th  Give thanks for all those who lead small groups in our fellowship.
11th  Remember the Prison Service and Chaplains working in prisons.
12th  Pray for our local Hospices – Macmillan in Christchurch and Oakhaven in Lymington.
13th  Remember our Pastoral Visiting team today – and those they visit.
14th  Palm Sunday: Pray for a happy time of fellowship and witness with our Donkey walk today.
15th  As we begin Holy Week ask God for a growing sense of His Presence in your life.
16th  Pray for Justice, fairness and understanding in our courts of law.
17th  Pray for our police.
18th  Maundy Thursday: May we seek to serve one another in love.
19th  Good Friday: Take time today to meditate on The Cross.
20th  Pray for those you know whose lives are marked by despair or darkness.
21st  Easter Sunday: O Happy day! Rejoice and be glad in it.
22nd  Pray for holiday makers.
23rd  St George’s day: Pray today for our Nation.
24th  Pray for all the different groups that use our Church Hall and Kitchen.
25th  Continue to uphold Rev Gill and Andy in your prayers.
26th  Give thanks for all the Lay Ministry team at St Marks.
27th  Pray today for our Church Wardens and others working for the smooth running of St Marks.
28th  Sunday: May the Joy of the Easter Message continue in our worship and witness.
29th  For all the local Charities we support here at St Marks.
30th  For Overseas work – Christian Aid , Kinkiizi and Toilet Twinning.



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