Daily Prayer Intentions


1st    Pray for the Christian Church in China.
2nd   Candlemas - for those who come to St Mark’s seeking Christ in 2019.
3rd    5th Before Lent - Give thanks all who have come to Christ in 2018
4th    For Justin Welby – elected Archbishop of Canterbury today in 2013.
5th    For those tempted to abandon faith.
6th    For the Christian Church in Japan.
7th    For the selection of a new Bishop of Southampton.
8th    For People of different culture, race or religion living in Britain.
9th    For Missionaries & Christian Missions at home & abroad.
10th  4th before Lent For Christian unity and the healing of divisions over Brexit.
11th  Meditate upon 'FORGIVENESS' ~ Forgive us our sins as we forgive others.
12th  For Spiritual renewal ~ personal / churchwide.
13th  For the victims of “human trafficking”.
14th  For the Gospel among ‘Slavic’ people.
15th  For the freedom worldwide to worship and witness to Jesus Christ.
16th  Meditate upon what ‘grace’ means to you.
17th  3rd Before Lent  - Janani Luwum (Modern Martyr)– For the church in Africa.
18th  For John Sentamu, Arch. of York, preparing to retire 7/06/2020.
19th  For writers, composers and arrangers of music in worship and praise.
20th  Offer a day of personal abstinence.
21st   Meditate upon what Holy Communion means to you.
22nd  Meditate upon what obedience means to you.
23rd  For the selection of a new Archbishop of York.
24th  2nd Before Lent - Meditate upon Christian authority with humility.
25th  For Clergy, Ministers, Teachers and Leaders preparing for the Easter celebration.
26th  Give thanks for the faithful witness of St Mark’s, Highcliffe – past & present.
27th  George Herbert 1633 – Give thanks for all Christian poets and writers.
28th  Give thanks to God for ‘His Presence’ in the world today.

“The devil divides the world between atheism and superstition.”         George Herbert



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