Daily Prayer Intentions

Prayer Intentions for January 2020

1st:    Naming of Jesus. That every knee should bow.
2nd:   St Mark’s Ladies Group.
3rd:    That we may help many through this year.
4th:    Our Sacristans.
5th:    Epiphany Sunday. That the Church may be led with wisdom.
6th:    Epiphany. That we may be given a star to follow.
7th:    Those who live in areas of conflict.
8th:    Those recovering their homes from recent flooding.
9th:    Alison and the Choir.
10th:  The Parish Support Group.
11th.  Those who live in constant fear of acts of terrorism.
12th:  Baptism of Christ. That we keep in mind our promises.
13th:  Little Fishes.
14th.  The under fives.
15th:  Children in refugee camps.
16th:  The flower arranger team.
17th:  Those with important exams to prepare for this year.
18th:  Our Churchwardens carrying extra responsibilities.
19th:  Epiphany 2. For unity with our local churches.
20th:  The After School Club.
21st:  Our next door neighbours.
22nd: The Primary School Church Club.
23rd:  All who need our local Food Bank.
24th: Those who run our Food Bank.
25th: Conversion of Paul. Give thanks for the door this opened.
26th: Epiphany 3. Those leading our services during the Vacancy.
27th: Our local medical services.
28th: The Home Communion team.
29th: Our P.C.C. members.
30th: Those involved in selecting our next Vicar. 31st: Our next Vicar.

With every power of good to stay and guide me,
Comforted and inspired beyond all fear,
And pass with you into the coming year.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer. (1906 – 1945) from prison, New Year 1945




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