Highcliffe St Mark’s Primary School/St Mark’s Church in cooperation.

St Mark’s church welcomed years 2, 4, and 6 into the church for their Easter Service
During the service the children thought about Jesus being cheered by the crowds as He rode into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, but how those same people had turned against Him by Good Friday.

Then the children thought about ‘FRIENDS’ and what being a friend means. This is what the year 2 children said:

My friends are important to me.
Fern and Maggie wrote
Friends are important because they are always there when you need them.
I like to share with my friend because my friend shares with me. If you don’t have a friend you will be alone, but if you have a friend you can have ‘Treshers’
I like to be kind and respectful to my friends.
Friends are important because when I am lonely I can ask a friend if I can play with them.
When I am sad they help me feel better.
When I ask to play with them they let me play.
I like going to the park and the beach with my friends.
My friends are important because they care for and are kind to me.
If you hurt yourself they will take you to first aid.
Then the children thought about the courage and strength that is needed to do the right thing.
Jesus demonstrated courage and strength on Good Friday.
This is what the year 6 children wrote and prayed about.
Dear God, help us to overcome our fears and to show courage when we need it.
Thank you for making us brave and courageous – when it felt like we weren’t. Amen
Charlotte wrote
Sometimes we have a difficult choice to make. To follow others who are doing or saying something which we know isn’t quite right or to show courage and do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.
We pray that we can be strong now and forever…….
And a final prayer
Dear God,
We pray for those who feel lonely.
We pray that you would surround them with your love, light and guidance.
We pray, this Easter that they know that they have a Father in Heaven who loves them and is with them always.
Thank you for teaching and helping us to help others. Amen

 Open The Book

The Open the Book team have presented a weekly assembly to KS1 throughout this Spring Term.

The team have been telling stories about Jesus.

They told the story of Zaccheus who climbed up into a sycamore tree, to see Jesus. The impressive props included a large step ladder and lots of garden foliage!

Chewton Common Playgroup/St Mark’s Church in cooperation.          

Chewton Common Toddler group meets every Monday morning in term time in St Mark's church hall.

The children and leaders visited St Mark’s Church on April 30th for songs, dancing, games and activities.
St Mark, our Patron Saint.

The children listened to a story about a lion and a tiny, but very useful mouse!
Then  the children did a picture animal hunt around the church, 

An adult lit candles and the children thought some prayers, then they decorated lion masks and coloured in a picture of St Mark.

The children learned that God loves everyone and everything, however small they are. 

On Monday 19th April a member of the church joined the children and their carers for singing children's action worship songs, dancing and showing the children some pictures from the Bible.

All personnel hold current and clear DBS certificates.