Charitable Support

Charitable Support Ministry Group 


Bob Gilbertson – Chair,  Christine Clode, David Canning, Sandra Channon, Mike Goodman, Mike Hadfield, Nigel Purr.

The Key tasks are to

• Ensure that a broad level of contact is maintained across the church with the mission partners adopted by the parish and with the relevant mission agencies
• Update the congregations regularly, through the magazine and other means, about the work of the mission partners, and to build a network of support in prayer and other ways.
• Recommend to the PCC fund raising as may from time to time be required and advise about the allocation of special collections eg at Harvest and Christmas.

 St Mark’s Church’s response to local, national and international need.

For many years members of St. Mark’s Church have been extremely generous to a number of different charities, and to the church itself. In the next few editions of this magazine there will be a series of articles by those volunteers who with other helpers give their time to organise raising funds for the following familiar projects. These articles will give the background and beneficial impact of your giving.

  • The Children’s Society, Christian Aid, Mission to Seafarers, USPG,
  • Samaritan’s Purse Shoebox, and Rotary Shoebox, The Women’s Refuge, 
  • Kinkiisi, Uganda. Schools and hospitals, Christchurch Food Bank.
  • Workbox, Eve Project, Honeypot.

The Charitable Support Group is a small number of St Mark’s Church members set up to coordinate the charitable effort of St Mark’s and advise the PCC. The PCC has the final approval on all charitable activities done in the name of St Marks Church.

Although effort is made to spread requests throughout the year inevitably there may appear sometimes to be competition between different charities. This represents a conscious change by St Mark’s Church, providing a choice of supporting one or the other charity or even both. Church members already privately support a wide range of very needy causes. It is to be hoped that through the St Mark’s Church, publicity may be given and attention focussed to help you make your decisions.

The Charitable Support Group meets regularly a few days before each PCC meeting and would welcome and guide any church member wishing to lead a charitable project that has PCC approval. However, at present the group cannot take on or lead projects suggested to them without a volunteer willing to take the lead. But PCC approval of any St Mark’s Church charitable work is always necessary.



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