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  On Friday 14th June we welcomed Revd Moses And Revd Canon Eric to St Mark's

Praying for our links with Kinkiizi, Uganda.  June 2019

Thy Kingdom Come Prayer

Almighty God, your ascended Son has sent us into the world to preach the good news of your kingdom:
inspire us with your Spirit and fill our hearts with the fire of your love, that all who hear your Word may be drawn to you, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Recent pictures from Kinkiizi.


 Report on the Eve Project for Charitable Mission Support group February 2019

We have recently been able to supply Gill Tybjerg with another 26 Kits for the girls at the Rwangaboka and Bwanja schools in Kinkiizi. We have also made 6 larger Kits to go to the Health Clinic for distribution to New Mums.
We will continue meeting monthly to begin sewing again to build up a stock, ready for Gill’s next visit in 2020.
Members of the group are Brenda Marvin, Maureen Stringer, Sandra Channon, Maggie Chatten and Christine Clode, (sewers) Sue Reagon (coffee), Jackie Horton (coffee, ironing fairy, general support), Hazel Lovegrove and Diana Faunce (template markers and cutters). We are all experienced knicker rollers and packers! Dib Gilbertson will also join us this year.

Each Kit contains a hand made greetings card (Sandra) signed by members of the team and sponsors and we have sent special cards to Revd Stellah, Senior Education Co-ordinator, and Rita at the Health Centre.
We look forward to receiving their feedback.

We work as a team and turn our hands to anything that needs doing. Each Kit costs £5 and sponsorship forms are available from Christine Clode.

Gill and her team of 3 travelled on 7th February to Chigali, Rwanda and then across the border to the Diocesan guest house in Kanunga. We wish them Journey Blessings.
Christine Clode.



Report on the Eve Project for Charitable Mission Support group meeting held on 10th July 2018

In April we held an information meeting for members of the Deanery who had expressed an interest in the Kits. Groups from Mudeford, Fordingbridge and Burley attended along with Gill Tybjerg, Kinkiizi Action Group Co-ordinator, and Revd Nicky Davies, Avon Valley Partnership. Since that time a group has been formed in Fordingbridge.
We achieved our aim of completing 40 Kits and these were taken to Kinkiizzi by Gill T on her recent trip. She is returning home today (10th July) and we look forward to receiving first hand feedback of how the Kits were distributed. I posted photographs on the church website and also on the Days4Girls KitChat page (D4G the overall charity who supply patterns etc).

Through very little effort we raised over £400 plus gifts in kind. After the purchase of materials and supplies we have a balance in excess of £150, with a promise of renewed sponsorship when we begin again. Any surplus supplies are in the “Workbox” cupboard at the hall.

Our next Workshop is Saturday 15th September when we make new Kits, both for the girls and Post Partum kits for new Mums who attend the Mothers’ Union clinic.

My thanks to everyone who have taken on this project. We have enjoyed great fellowship and a sense of purpose in our work.

Christine Clode. 10th July 2018


Updates from Gill (July 2018)

I’m safely back from Kinkiizi. I was able to give out 37 of the kits. the remaining 3 I’ve left there to be kept for the next visit. We gave 28 to Bwanja Primary School (all the senior girls and 4 women teachers who looked on with such hope in their eyes I couldn't refuse when they asked if they might each have a kit too...) and 9 to the girls in the top class (P7) at Rwangoboka as they will have left RPS by the time of the next visit. But the remaining senior girls there would love to have kits as well. All those who were given them were very excited and grateful! I felt very moved to be able to help them in this way. It was a real privilege.

I asked about the plastic bags – they are happy with these repeat use ones at the moment. It’s the single use carriers they are trying to eradicate as they end up as rubbish on the roadsides.

‘Mukama Asiimwe! Kinkiizi - Ekumi!!’

If you’re fluent in Rukiga (Kinkiizi’s local language) you’ll know this translates Praise God! Kinkiizi - Ten!!

I have now been blessed with many opportunities to visit our mission partners in Kinkiizi Diocese Uganda and my latest and tenth visit has been as exciting and rewarding as the first!

A new venture this time has been taking Hygiene Kits for girls enabling them to not miss school during their monthly period. This is a common problem in Kinkiizi meaning girls get more and more behind academically. Thanks to the Eve Project at St Mark’s Church Highcliffe I took 40 kits and felt humbled to see how grateful and excited the girls were who received them.

I’ve also been able to see firsthand the progress being made constructing the new classrooms at Bwanja Primary School. Following the successful Deanery wide 40for40 appeal earlier this year, the £5000 we raised is enough to complete 3 classrooms which will be in use when next term starts mid September. Heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported the appeal enabling Bwanja children to have a safe place to learn. I was honoured to represent Christchurch Deanery in laying a foundation stone to celebrate your generosity towards our brothers and sisters in Uganda who send love and greetings to all in our Deanery. You may never meet them in person but we can all join together and say with them ‘Mukama Asiimwe!’
Gill Tybjerg July 2018


Eve Project – September 2018 update.

We achieved our target of making 40 Hygiene Kits c for the girls in the Kinkiizi Diocese. Gill Tybjerg, Kinkiizi Action Group Co-ordinator took these with her on her recent trip and distributed them to two Primary Schools in the Kanunga District. The Revd Stellah is a Senior Education Co-ordinator and she acted as an intermediary in the instruction of the use of the Kits. 24 were given to girls at Bwanja, however 4 young teachers sat in on the presentation and asked if they could be included. It is just as essential for them to be able to attend school as their pupils so Gill readily agreed. She took 12 packs to the Rwangoboka school and, Praise the Lord, only 9 were needed.

Each Kit contained a greetings card signed in the name of those involved in the Project and those who had donated and letters of thanks have been received. I have included a copy of the letter received from Bishop Dan and a brief glimpse of the thank you notes from the girls. More of the letters and pictures can be found on the St Mark’s Church website. 

We so enjoyed being involved in this worthwhile project and are fully aware that Gill can distribute as many as we can make on her next visit in 2019. As well as Kits for the girls we are now making Post Partum kits for the new Mums who give birth at the Health Centre, about 30 per month.
Thank you to all who have contributed
Christine Clode and the Team.

Latest picture of the Staff House at the Health Centre.


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