Informal Prayer

CandlesEvery Tuesday from 7 to 8 pm in the chancel, church members, visitors, new-comers (all are welcome) meet for a time of open prayer that for some is a time of quiet reflection and for others a time when prayers may be shared. Prayer is offered for individuals, those in need, for those who have posted Prayer Requests in our entrance hall. Prayer in an informal atmosphere wherever the Holy Spirit leads and inspires.

Following a time of open prayer there is a time of discussion; topical events, social, political, spiritual – To share what we believe is a Christian view and response, for as Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, rightly said:-

“We stand in the middle of a human world where God's will is not the most automatic thing that people do. Where crisis faces us, where uncertainty about tomorrow is all around and where evil is powerfully at work. To stand with dignity and freedom in a world like that, we need to know that God is Our Father. We need to know that whatever happens to us God is God.”

Informal Prayer - is a place to meet with God.